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Music Style:
    Band: Yes
    Price Range: Unknown
    Environment: Tripping Woah was formed in the early months of 2003, when Eric Licht and Cameron Moreira sat around an Eric's basement and recorded their debute hit: "Leah." They decided at that moment to form a band named after a moment when Cameron tripped on a curb and said "Whoa!" They decided it would be cool to spell whoa wrong and name their band Tripping Woah. In the months that followed, Eric and Cameron cranked out their first album: "Beach Party 1969" which included a cover of "Jumping Jack Flash" by The Rolling Stones, along with many of their own hits including "Leah," "Key to my Soul," and "My Song." After that, the band became a sensation. Eric's parents praised the band, calling it "pretty funny." But for Eric and Cameron, that was not enough. They wanted to get the attention of Cameron's parents as well as a few of their friends. Soon after, Eric and Cameron released their first single, "The End of the Road" which was a song written about a close friend and his love life. The song immediately went to ..1 on the charts. It was included in compilations such as "Eric's Breakup Mix" and the "Get Over It Mix." Finally, in the summer of 2005, Eric and Cameron met up with singer, Ben Shattuck and recorded their next album: "Rock Canal." This album included hits such as "Dumb Kid," "Fridays with Betty Sue," and "Wambat/ The Forest" This album also gave Eric and Cameron a chance to write their own solo material. Both members wrote their own songs about lost love, including Eric's song: "Leslie" and Camerons wonderful hit: "Coke." In September of 2005, the band also met with new singer and member Ryan Newfell to begin work on their next album "Blatantly Obvious" Tripping Woah released the album "Blatantly Obvious" in the late days of 2005. Tripping Woah plans to release their EP "Du
    Additional Comments: Alternative, Acoustic, Rock
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