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Music Style:
    Band: Yes
    Price Range: Unknown
    Environment: Tony Giannotti began playing the saxophone in the sixth grade, and then graduated to the guitar, where he found his passion. He excelled ahead of his class with a few classmates, who he became dear friends with. After he began high school, he realized what music actually meant to him, and decided he wanted to do something with his talent. His friends, Daniel Santos, and TJ Hanson decided to form a band. They began writing music, and recruited another friend from guitar class, Mike Brady. He quit guitar to play for them, and found his passion in bass. After they had written a few songs, they were on the lookout for a drummer. A friend of the band 'Kanipshun' as they were called at that time, suggested they meet Brandon Byrne, who soon after trying out, became their fifth, and final member. They created a demo tape out of their practice garage, and distributed it about the high school, giving it to teachers, and students- anyone who would take them. People fell in love with it. They decided to rename themselves 'Solice' and began playing shows all over the Turlock/Modesto, CA area, where he had grown up since the fifth grade. Gaining fan base every day, Solice grew to become one of the top local bands in that area at the time. With help from local promoters such as Central Valley Noize, and 209metalnews, and a new feel on metal music complimented by lyrics that kept you down to earth, Solice became very popular. Things were getting serious, when Daniel decided he'd had enough, and told the remaining members that he would be leaving after 2 years. They auditioned more vocalists, but found none to be working. They decided to finally call it quits, and they went their separate musical directions, but still remain dear friends today. TJ and Mike joined another band around at that time called 'Makeshift Grey', and Brandon and Tony went off on their own journeys, and lost touch. Tony decided to keep playing, and just do it for fun, not to be serious. He and a high school fr
    Additional Comments: Acoustic, Indie
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