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Music Style:
    Band: Yes
    Price Range: Unknown
    Environment: he Gordian Knot is a six piece band ages 17-22 hailing out of Metro Atlanta that brings the heat for all you guys and gals to enjoy. Bring the style of hardcore,metal and melodic tones all together as one, The Gordian Knot (TGK) will take the music scene by storm. Started back in April of 2006 under the name " I Hope This Dies " by guitarist Chris Marshall, He met Vocalist Nick Gambrel from a couple of friends and just after one phone call they became really close. Chris also asked a friend of his Ryan Knight to join the band as well, Now all they needed was a drummer. Chris met Patrick over myspace but Patrick wasn't in the band for that long, then Ryan departed to join She Came From Above, that did not stop Chris and Nick from writing music, they kept moving and posted up ad's for a new drummer and guitarist, then one day drummer Zack Miller ( ex: Blame The Innocent) contacted Chris about trying out for the band, Zack also knew a guitarist which was his friend Dan Nelson ( ex: Blame The Innocent). Chris told Nick about Zack and Dan, which Nick told Chris " I already know those guys, I tried out for their band. "At this time The Band Was Known as " Moment Among Disaster " and just a few weeks before their very first get together Nick was in a terrible car accident. The band went on to practice without Nick, while nick's on the road to recovery. Still looking for a final member to fill in the bass slot, Chris look around myspace and came across bassist Paul Ollinger, after a couple of conversations and some guitar demos of the songs, Paul decision was final, now the band is complete. With a new sound everyone thought it was time for a name change, there were a lot of ideas but it was Zack that finalize the band name as " The Gordian Knot ", Drew Iwanick tights up the band with electronics and the singing. The Gordian Knot have been threw some highs and lows, three different names, the band's line-up has changed and a car wreck
    Additional Comments: Metalcore, Experimental, Hardcore
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