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Music Style:
    Band: Yes
    Price Range: Unknown
    Environment: We are a Ska Punk Based Band from Las Vegas, NV, we play some punk but mostly Ska. It all started in May, Trevar, Tommy, Jeff, Nick, and Kevin where sitting in a Taco Bell when Jeff said, "Dood, did you ever notice how they play that weird music really softly in the background, and you can only notice it while your eating". So Tommy than said "yea, that would be Hella Cool if they played Ska", and Trevar said "Yea dood Ska is awesome". So than we continued to eat and than e started to talk about what we where going to do for our Futre and Tommy Said, " Dood, i wanna be in a Ska Band" and Trevar Said "Yea we should start one that Shit would be Awesome". So there you go, We where a band, Now all we needed was a Drummer, we pracriced with a few drummers, and than Go Forth and Skank told us about a Really good Drummer named Russ, so We practiced with him, and THERE YOU GO!!!!! We are a 3-Piece Ska Band, We may get a horn later we are still debating if we should or not.
    Additional Comments: Ska, Punk, Rock
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