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Music Style:
    Band: Yes
    Price Range: Unknown
    Environment: What you now know as So Yesterday was born in the Spring of 2005 from members of local area pop punk bands, namely a band called "The Coffee House Kids." Once vocalist and bass player Patrick Maloney, guitarist Pat Dudzcyk, guitarist Dan Alvarado, and new drummer Dan Barone began practicing, they immidiately found chemistry together. It wasn;t long at all before they played their first show at Lockport's Battle of The Bands, and have only been gaining popularity since then. Every So Yesterday show since then has been better than the last, and it seemed like nothing could stop them... well, almost nothing. The band began leaning towards the heavier sound of guitarist Pat Dudczyk's music, and the other members were unsure if they wanted to go in that direction. The band began having extreme creative differences in late fall/early winter of 2005, and eventaully Pat Dudzcyk left the band to start his own project. He was soon replaced by guitarist John Bizzotti, and old friend of the bands who had done many previous projects with Dan and Patrick before. John, or "Bizz" as he is called, has added a new dynamic of friendship to the band, and So Yesterday can only go up from here. The new songs combine Bizzotti and Maloney's heartbreaking but undeniably catchy lyrics with Alvarado and Bizzoti's searing guitar riffs while Dan just bangs the shit out of his drums in the backround. So Yesterday is here to stay
    Additional Comments: Pop Punk, Pop, Punk
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