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Music Style:
    Band: Yes
    Price Range: Unknown
    Environment: Did you ever hear Emo on the radio? Puke Mop did and decided to shit a million kinds of Rock n' Roll all over their sad bitchy faces. Puke Mop rose to power in late summer of 2004 when Paul and then bassist Vince brought Tom House over to play the drums. After 1 & 1/2 weeks Puke Mop played their first show at hipster hangout "The D Note", and two weeks later, after a subsequent show, were banned from playing there again (due to the extreme decible levels causing the very un-Rockin' sound guy to "lose his hearing"). Puke Mop met Codename:TRIXIE shortly after and began to piggy back on thier shows. This was obviously a great advantage for Codename:TRIXIE, as Puke Mop's inevitable success was slowly becoming reality. Puke Mop and Codename remained friends until the infamous Colorado Springs incident, in which Vince almost quit the band. However Puke Mop and Codename currently appear to be rebuilding that bridge. After paying some dues and a few shows (Go to hell Bruno's Saloon) Puke Mop was signed, drunkenly, to Boobala Records (Codename:TRIXIE's then record label) in early summer 2005. In fall of 2005 Vince moved out of Arvada and into Denver. This proved to be a social hinderance on the members of the band and several months later Vince took off from practice and quit. Puke Mop was not to be deterred and with topical cream they were quickly cured. That topical cream was Dandy Dan Houghton. Puke Mop is currently working on an EP and hordes of Japanese fanatics can hardly wait. So get you fill of Colorado's Movin'est Shakin'est Grovin'est Rockin'est Shimmyin'est band, and after you do Paul would like you to check out TRUCKASAURUS, Tom would like you to check out DENNIS, and Dan would like you to check out DEAF BY DAWN.
    Additional Comments: Punk, Rock, Punk
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