MurrayUT  (Directions)
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Music Style:
    Band: Yes
    Price Range: Unknown
    Environment: (Spencer)Perdition Incognito...hmm...the main thing started about 2 years ago. Me and kayson decided ya know we both play instruments lets start a band. We talked to our screamers little brother (Nate Barlow) if he would play bass...long story short we had one practice and well it didnt work out. About a year later me and kayson talked to a guitarist that goes to kaysons school about joining and jammin with us(Connor Giles). He agreeed and we had about 3 practices with him and he was just way to busy to be in a band. we love that kid to death and hes an amazing guitarist! Anyways thats where the coolest member of the band came in, our bass player JACOB MAY HARMOND. we practiced once with him and said...HELL YEA...HES now we have a good start ya know 3 ppl in the band but it wasnt enough. the next practice jake brought in our screamer Anthony Barlow and it only took one practice for us to say "HELL YEA". NNOW were officially a band. well thats our band...YAY THE END!
    Additional Comments: Metal, Heavy Metal, Hardcore
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