HousonTX  (Directions)
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Music Style:
    Band: Yes
    Price Range: Unknown
    Environment: Chris And Justin met in eighth grade, Justin had seen Chris playing some old blink songs in the band room on guitar and sparked up a conversation at him. At first disinterested, he did'nt think much of it. Little did he know that guy would become his highly talented drummer.So one friday they decided to have a little jam session and they fit perfectly together, now chris had already been playing music with another friend of his who was into bass, who was named Chris Harshfield, so when he first came into the group they became a band...but Chris H became passionate of the guitar and soon after purchased a new guitar. And hes been playing guitar ever since. Then they met a long lost friend who just happened to grow up with Chris V, and were just seperrated by his parents divorce, he soon came to seek a reunion. There had been alot of changes these few months and at the time Chris V, and Chris H switched places, Varga played bass, and Harshfield played guitar. Then when Jeff came along he played guitar too, until he became passionate about the bass in late 2003. So on friday nights they would practice to the wee hours of the night singing about emo kids, and milfs they met in the mall. As time went on Chris H, just wasnt cutting it, he was missing several practices to lack of communication in the band. He was soon cut loose.Then the band became a trio, this trio stuck, after going through numerous names such as, Nice Try, Kinetica, and Marked for Life, they found a name that stuck.One Way Lane. This meant one way lane, you can go only one way, and in this band...the only way to up!So after the clever name picking, they focused on their music. Chris began working on a project that Jeff had proposed in making a song all about their high school years. This was a great idea on Jeffs part and it had the cutest little melody...and still does. So when that was finished they decided they would only write and perform original material, they kept up with their writing an
    Additional Comments: Hardcore Punk, Screamo, Emo
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