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Music Style:
    Band: Yes
    Price Range: Unknown
    Environment: This band's story begins in Oct. of 2002, when five guys playing music together decided to call themselves "Happy Ending." They had no clue what the future would bring... they just wanted to play wherever and whenever they could. In doing so, they became a unique band in both their overall sound and vocals, selling 1000 CDs in only 5 months. As time passed... show after show and drummer after drummer... the band held their own, sharing the stage with hardcore, screamo Indie label acts such as TIME IN MALTA, BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME, TAKEN, ALEXISONFIRE, LORENE DRIVE. But faith intervened for a good cause. While on a horrible 11 day road trip from Oakland California To Anaheim, the guys discovered there were 3 other bands named Happy Ending. During a pre-production set with Producer Adam Rupell (ex-Systematic), he said heā??d ran across a cool name: "OMISSA". The name stuck like glue and the rest is history. Even after losing yet another drummer within a year and a half, Omissa managed to release an excellent 6 song EP. An EP that fans and friends seem to know word for word. And finally, with the help of Ben H. (Hoods), drummer Melvin August and Omissa found each other in November of 2004 at Imusicast in Oakland, CA. "It was totally meant to be." OMISSA combines Indie, Hardcore, Metal and Screamo into one powerful sound with a soulful message. With non-stop energy from the first song to the very last, Omissa is a band that everyone can enjoy... and is a band that is sure to make waves in the future music scene
    Additional Comments: Indie, Hardcore, Screamo
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