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Music Style:
    Band: Yes
    Price Range: Unknown
    Environment: Nonesuch Paragon was a concept created in Germany three years ago in a little town called Wesel. It was there that Dustin Dickson and Josh Edlinger met and laid the foundations for a band the likes of which have never been seen. In a short nine weeks the two talents wrote 12+ songs employing an array of different styles. The result was incredible... Now in the year 2005 and heading into 2006 the master plan is falling into place. Nonesuch Paragon is destined to become one of the world's greatest rock bands. JOSH EDLINGER is from Lafayette, California and has played in many bands before becoming involved with Nonesuch Paragon. His guitar playing skills are surpassed by few and is appreciated in the band for his amazing skill in developing the types of riffs and songs that make you want to move. ERIC WADDINGTON, who was a friend/bandmate of Dustin's since birth, was the bass player in Dustin's previous band and was a shoe-in for Nonesuch Paragon given his incredible ability. DAN WORKMAN, who hails from the great state of Utah, is the drummer for Nonesuch Paragon. After playing in a few different short-lived groups, Josh found him through a 'musicians-in-your-neighborhood' website. Dan was the first of the drummers Nonesuch Paragon auditioned and INSTANTLY turned out to be the last. After hearing his incredible talent there was simply no need to audition further. Dan had a percussion scholarship, but is pursuing higher levels of perfection with Nonesuch Paragon. DUSTIN DICKSON, who grew up in Puyallup, Washington, always had a love for music. His ability to write melodies that stay in your ear has been a cornerstone for Nonesuch Paragon. Fueled by a dream, that he shared with his long-time friend Eric Waddington, to become a professional musician, Dustin has persisted in developing his voice, guitar, and music writing abilities. As NONESUCH PARAGON strives to spread that "perfect sound" everyone has been searching for over the years, there is only one thing f
    Additional Comments: Rock, Alternative, Alternative Metal
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