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Music Style:
    Band: Yes
    Price Range: Unknown
    Environment: it's like my life was flashing right before my eyes everything was fine everything was goin good started to lose everything such as love my job and my happyness i lost it all in one day nobody know's wut it's like to have a hard life a life sooo hard that u would do anything just to make it stop well that's my life ppl say "it's better to love then never to have loved at all" well to me "it's better to be alone then to love anyone at all" is my saying also that saying that said good things come to good ppl or good things come to ppl who wait well i been waiting for 3 years and my a good person and yet my life is still falling apart life is all just a hard mystery but we all know where we r ganna end up witch is dead or hoping ot die so much saddness so much haterd sooo much lies in this world when will it end when well we just get over everything and just be happy i lay here typing this for only 2 reasons one that i alway's put every sad thing in my life and hold it inside and show a smile and two that no matter how hard i try no matter how hard i hide i will alway's be happy cuz there's only one person in this world that i pray to see everyday but can't this is my life this is my ending this is MY LAST NOVEMBER'S story of how we r now a band
    Additional Comments: Acoustic, Emo, Indie
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