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Music Style:
    Band: Yes
    Price Range: Unknown
    Environment: Michael Lutinâ??s music is constantly going through development, and improvement. Through constant Internet promotion, he has risen to recognition by everyone he plays for. Developing his style for 6 years, it is sure to say that Michael Lutin will not be mistaken for anyone else. Originality and innovation are his tools as he is constantly trying to break music industry gaps. Not being able to find a complete band, Michael covers all instruments himself (with the exception of a few special guests), and his musical background wonâ??t go unmentioned either. Starting in 1st grade Michael was forced to start piano, which gave him a basis for the years to come. After 5 years of piano, he took up Baritone and Tuba in Middle school to play in school bands. Then the summer of his 7th grade year (12 years old) he took up guitar and bass simultaneously. Trying to conquer both instruments, he quickly became interested in Jazz styles, in addition to his already prevalent interests in Rock and Blues styles. In high school he joined the schoolâ??s Jazz band on the bass, and quickly climbed to the top band playing in various jazz combos and bands. With that being said, guitar was outside of school, where he continued to develop his style. Fused from his interest in Latin and rock mixtures, he has developed his own style which is most definitely unique. His first album, "Nothing Short of Last", was released in 2003 and practically given away. It was recorded on his home computer in his spare time. Aside from doing his own solo work, he also participates in several other bands. Ranging from Jazz (Penn High School Jazz Band, Combo, Vincennes Jazz band, and combo), to Rock (SnowBlind, Jerry Remus, Rerry Jemus), to R&B, his already well-rounded musical skills continue to round. But time goes on, skills improve, and Michaelâ??s skills have definitely skyrocketed. In anticipation of his new release, several songs have been posted on the Internet to try and give fans a sneak pe
    Additional Comments: Acoustic, Rock, Acoustic Blues
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