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Music Style:
    Band: Yes
    Price Range: Unknown
    Environment:†Malicious Damage started in 1987 and lasted until 1991. Between that time we had a few releases and a few of our songs were featured on various compilations. I guess we were young, dumb and violent all at once. By the end of ‚??91 we really felt like we were torn up and beaten down mentally. We eventually disband by the end of that year due to personal conflicts. Although all of our hearts were still beating to the sound, there was way too much turmoil deep inside. All I really remember about those times is not really getting very much sleep. I guess the band had to disintegrate in order for the healing process to begin. Now, some 15 years later life has dealt Malicious Damage a new hand. It‚??s got to be because of the times we live in. How long can we last this time around? We‚??ll find out. We have left the miserable times behind us. I personally need the strength to walk the other way. I found conviction in my ever changing mind to make it work this time around. I don‚??t want another tragic end. I‚??ve realized that the first time around Malicious Damage was a victim of its own devices. But why bring it all back you ask? Because I‚??ve always felt Malicious Damage was irrationally cut short and that it had a lot more to give musically.
    Additional Comments:†Metal, Hardcore, Thrash/Speed Metal
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