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Music Style:
    Band: Yes
    Price Range: Unknown
    Environment: With a showy name like Magdaleina, it was clear from day one that the four men comprising this Montreal-based hard rock unit had a few common yet no less ambitious goals in mind: Getting a record deal & tour to play our asses off every night". The band teamed up with Kevin Jardine of famed Montreal outfit Slaves On Dope to work on new material and released their second EP in September 2005. In the slumping climate which has plagued major labels in recent years, hopeful A&R heads have been desperately roaming clubs and bars in search of the hook, a not-so-simple feat that is equally hard to come by in memorable form. Look no further, because Magdaleina's energetic melodies are driven by hooks rarely heard coming from such a young Canadian band. The band's stringers responsible for the music are Patrick Phaneuf a tandem boasting nearly thirty-years of combined instrumental mastery while drummer Danick Chagnon provides the solid backbeat. Forming naturally in 2004 by virtue of their kinship, they recruited star-in-the-making singer Nyki King through patient yet arduous ad posting and immediately began shooting for the stars, wasting no time by releasing their incredibly mature and well-produced debut EP in Febuary of 2005. Due in considerable part to King's twenty-five years of professional singing experience, the standout track Don't Box Me In won the following awards on in the weeks following its release: Track Of The Day, Best Melody, Rocking Track, Best Male Vocals (three weeks in a row), Best Guitars, Best Drums, Best Production, and Best Lyrics (all two weeks in a row). The impact of Metallica, Nirvana, Motley Crue, and Led Zeppelin on Magdaleina's clever grooves and vocal prowess is immediately noticeable; a reality which is sure to reel fans into the room wherever they play. Whether it's a major label or an enthusiastic young rock listener, all anyone's looking for these days is a good hook. It is the primary ingredient of every famous rock
    Additional Comments: Alternative, Rock, Rock
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