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Music Style:
    Band: Yes
    Price Range: Unknown
    Environment:†During the height of the Cold War the five of us bounced in and out of classrooms at Frankfurt American High School, an oasis of Americana that lay just inside a US military installation in the heart of what was then West Germany. While we studied calculus and chemistry and sold candy bars to get the track team to Brussels, our parents commanded tank battalions, flew transport aircraft and honed their war fighting skills. Despite coming of age in a community preparing for Armageddon, we reveled in the wondrous, so-what cacophony of stoners, drama geeks, skaters, letter jacket athletes and break dancers. The energy spun off the collisions and collaborations of these groups burned brighter than a thousand suns. That‚??s when we became a band. The friendships we forged at Frankfurt continue to burn as brightly. We now gather in Sacramento once a year to play music and renew each other with laughter and good stories, each more outrageous than the next. We were then, and we still are wonderfully, hopelessly and thankfully L.O.S.T.
    Additional Comments:†Alternative, Modern Alternative, Post Grunge
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