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Music Style:
    Band: Yes
    Price Range: Unknown
    Environment: The balancing act between those endeavors of aesthetic enjoyment and those of necessity proves to be one as significant as life and death. I find myself sorely out of balance, lying in the extreme that resembles death. The death of the spirit, that which expresses itself in such beautiful ways as to promote internal reflection, leading to joy and so often pain and development. As practicality necessarily interferes with my passion to share my art, I struggle to find just how much I can flirt with each and remain healthily involved in all-important aspects of life. In other words, I am in a sense no longer the person who wrote the music that you may in fact be listening to right now. The development that I have undergone has irreparably influenced my writing, more so in content than sound, but nonetheless drastically. I am excited to share the entire journey with you as soon as I am able. It is a journey of the spirit and mind through philosophical, religious, and psychological territory, where no one emerges as he or she has entered. The evolution of the human mind from naive to critical thought, and that struggle which it entails, has been documented in my song and words. I would appreciate any encouragement to continue in my pursuit of the communicative median of music. Sincerely, Jonathan Earl Snavely (Jes)
    Additional Comments: Acoustic, Indie, Folk
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