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Music Style:
    Band: Yes
    Price Range: Unknown
    Environment: We are Inferium! A few months ago two brothers, Zach and Nate, and their friend Dave, had the idea to start a Melodic Death Metal band. From there, they hired Matt Hollister for Lead Guitar, Cody Ravosa for Rhythm Guitar, and Greg for Keyboards. The band The Congregation had been formed. This 6 piece unit then came to five after Greg left for personal reasons. 2 months later, an old friend of Nate, Nick, asked Zach if his other band was looking for members (Nick had recently been kicked out of his other band for hard to explain reasons). Zach then said his other band The Congregation was looking for people. So, about a week later Nick tried out for the band, and made it in. He was chosen to play Lead Guitar alongside Matt. While looking for keyboardists, Nate asked long time friend Seamus to play keys. Seamus accepted making The Congregation a 7 piece unit. After a few practices, the members started to become hostile and argue with each other. This lead to other things such as Nate and Zach's parents finding objects in Zach's room and only allowing Matt and Cody in the house for practice. Subsequently, Cody was kicked out of the band December 27th, just 3 days before the bands final show. After the show, 5 of the members silently broke off, leaving The Congregation to Matt, only to reform 2 weeks later under the name, Inferium. Nate soon after left due to more interest in other subjects. Seamus left as well. And Lead Singer, Dave Pederzani, temporarily for personal/family matters. Another good friend, Derek O'Kanos, was asked to play bass as well as do backing vocals. However, he was unable to practice when we needed. Zach brought his friend, Pat Ryan, into the picture to take over Rhythm Guitar duties. Though there was nothing personal against Pat, he was inexperienced and needed to get better before we let him rejoin. So, it was down to 2 of the core members. Dave finally found some down time for other things and decided to rejoin and take up the Bass. However, he
    Additional Comments: Thrash/Speed Metal, Metalcore, Alternative
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