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Music Style:
    Band: Yes
    Price Range: Unknown
    Environment:†Bursting with surroundings, massive in hypnotic dance, Helsorjien is the trade mark of a ‚??relaxed‚?? culture and New Modesty. Where he is coming from, rising up themselve up like there‚??s no tomorrow, is pure Electronic Dance. Jens was still commander in chief of the famous Infected Surface and Noctyrium independent productions when he decided to form Helsorjien, challenging the art of esoterical music. A fulltime job for some was a pleasure to him, and seeing as no-one else was interested, this guy just had to do it for himself. It started out as a bit of chillout, but of course it led to greater things. As musician and producer, Jens are paid-in-full member of the Work Harder school of industry, transforming the banal into blatant. Winter 2003, following a flurry of different tracks and the "EXIL" album, which ventures deeper into the multifarious regions of his artistic soul. Following Summer 2005, he presented live the first tracks of the new album "ECHOES", a overdose of rhythmic trance and electronic beats. Whilst his German DJ contemporaries clung to the whispering overtures of minimalism, glorifying gentle fizzles and clicks as symphonies, Helsorjien went hell for leather as far in the opposite direction as it is possible to go. At the end of the year 2005, Tobias joined Helsorjien for the booking, management and as a live member. If you thought the music is just for a group of relaxing people, you might be surprised at the delicate sounds emanating from your speakers. There‚??s more to Helsorjien than the motto "Bring your soul down and relax". There‚??s more than enough drama at work here, but let‚??s face it. One head full of visions, of course - Helsorjien are, indeed, larger than life.
    Additional Comments:†Ambient, Electronic, Trance
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