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Music Style:
    Band: Yes
    Price Range: Unknown
    Environment: What is it that creates the comparison between popularity and a celestial object we call stars? What does a luminous body in the sky have to do with a living, breathing mammal on earth? Does it have to do with the way popular and famous people are put on pedestals standing above us, much like stars are cast upon us in the sky? It's the way that the spotlight covers them in comparison to the starlight that blankets the earth. They stand ahead of all others and fight back against the critics trying to tear them down. Only one that stands tall through all confusion, criticism, and adversity is truly a star. Or are they? Isn't a star supposed to lead the way and provide for a being that is less fortunate? What happens when greed sets in and takes over all possible voice of reason? The celebrities stop lending a helping hand, cut off all resources to charity, and lay their swollen heads down on their philosophical pillow. All the while, the stars blind us by their light when we reach out to them for help, then cut it off all together to leave us cold and wallowing in our lowliness. They shun us because they have a fear of us getting too close and taking over their light, when all we really want is warmth and a sense of security. This is where we start our fall back to where we came from, a fall back to reality, a fall back to where we were wanted, and begin Falling Closer to being alone.
    Additional Comments: Rock, Metal
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