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Music Style:
    Band: Yes
    Price Range: Unknown
    Environment: Welcome sheep! Down she goes is a solo project made souly on the count of absolute and complete boredom and minutes spent in the studio. Formily labeled "The Useless", Down she goes is committed to the complete and total destruction of what is right and true in the american spirit, mind and fat body. Music with a message, so they say. Ok that was complete and total bullshit, truth be told I just like making music, punk rock is definately my passion fuck music in general is my passion, just kinda hard to spread to the masses when you dont have a band or really anyone to spread the word for you other than yourself and myspace, no shows, no promos, no support from any corner of the map..I'm sure alot of you solo musicians out there can sympathize with me on this, Oh the utter frusteration. But I hope everyone at least somewhat enjoys my music and I hope somewhere, sometime I can make an impact to pop culture, society and inspiring musicians, but what starving musician hasnt said that same spiel throughout the course of punk rock history as short as it has been, or rock in general.. I guess i'm no different from the rest of them..fuck it, shut up and listen.
    Additional Comments: Post Grunge, Punk, Hard Rock
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