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Music Style:
    Band: Yes
    Price Range: Unknown
    Environment: Well Im Leo and speak for all of us when I say that it has taken us some time to straighten up. There's a long story behind our group and its former band members but I wont get into that, they know who they are. We started this whole band thing on September when me and Victor dedided we wanted to make music. I sort of knew how play the guitar back then, however since then I would say I have improved. Victor at the time didn't know how to play anything but the violin. As time passed he got a guitar on his birthday and so he started to learn how to play. He met up with Dennis in school a couple of weeks later and told him we needed a drummer. So it just so happened that Dennis was a drummer and was interested. After that we would go to Dennis's house and practice but would achieve nothing because of our lack of commitment to it. I for one decided to actually start improving myself. Victor decided the same thing and Dennis has always been ready. We needed a bassist and Victor was like "fuck it I'll play the bass". He said it would be something new for him so he went with it. I decided to be vocals since we didn't have anybody, I've also always wanted to sing for some weird reason. We've then recruited one other band member, Lawrence on guitar. We also met up with him at school and he also happened to be interested, so here he is now. I'm still gonna play guitar once in a while in some songs, however I plan to focus more on the vocals now. So finally we are more stable and able to work with each other, it was just a matter of time and improvement. If you've taken the time to read this, my band members and I would like to thank you, oh and by the way D.E.D. stands for Dark End Of Defiance. You'll hear from us pretty soon!
    Additional Comments: Metal, Alternative Metal
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