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Music Style:
    Band: Yes
    Price Range: Unknown
    Environment: We originally debuted in a basement of a rickety house on 350 South on May 10 2002, but we have been playing together since 2000 or 2001. If we were to describe Chucks, we would have to say that we sound like a dried out hunk of defication rattled around in a tin can... with a little bit of punk roots, butt rock solos, fast drums, and poppy bass. Let us introduce ourselves- All together, we have RIFF (Kory) on Guitar, R.I.O.T. (Paul) on Bass, and Cheddar (Steve) at the drums. We haven't been playing until just recently because we were waiting for Paul to return from his mission. After R.I.O.T. decided to shave his mohawk, and slap on a suit to serve a mission in the Philippines we played for a while with Josh Jones. He is a fucking stud and rocked on bass but eventually he, himself, decided to serve a mission as well. We appreciate his hard work and look forward to his return from Brazil in the summer of 2007. But with Paul returning in July, we're trying to get back into the hang of things and still rock out. We would have to say that we have been influenced by such bands as TSOL, Rise Against, Anti-Flag, The Casualties, The Unseen, Propaghandi, Pennywise and NUMEROUS local bands. Bottom line- we're all about trying to deliver a strong pro peace message. The attitude of peace and standing up for what you believe in is something that we try to make known in every song. Think for yourself, take a deeper look- nothing is what it seems.
    Additional Comments: Punk, Garage, Skate Punk
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