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Music Style:
    Band: Yes
    Price Range: Unknown
    Environment: Following the release of its 1999 debut, POINT #1, Chevelle acquired a more sophisticated sound that can be traced through contributions made to the DAREDEVIL and PUNISHER soundtracks, right up through the metal band's third album, 2004's THIS TYPE OF THINKING (COULD DO US IN). With Peter Chevelle's choppy, sinister guitar tones and howling vocals, Chevelle sounds like a distant relative of the Tool/A Perfect Circle family. Throw in the plodding rhythms supplied by his bass-playing brother Joe and their skin-bashing sib Sam, and you have a brooding batch of songs that veers from the moody "The Clincher" and its excellent use of dynamics to the primarily acoustic, but no less compelling, "Bend the Bracket." Not surprisingly, Chevelle has a penchant for writing about some of life's darker subjects, ranging from those struggling to avoid conformity (the relentlessly pounding "Breach Birth") to those who willing embrace it through TV shows like AMERICAN IDOL (a swirling "Get Some"). With THIS TYPE OF THINKING, Chevelle continues to be the standard-bearer of nu metal.
    Additional Comments: Post Grunge, Rock, Guitar Rock
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