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Music Style:
    Band: Yes
    Price Range: Unknown
    Environment: Captain Peacock wants you to dance. They aren't looking to spread any profound messages, they don't delude ourselves into thinking their music is going to change the world, they just want you to dance. Captain Peacock exists to fill the void left when upbeat, fun music was no longer considered cool. They don't believe music has to be depressing to be good; they think art should express the entire range of human emotion, happiness included. There is a conscious effort to do something different when writing new material. But they don't let their search for original sounds distract them from their primary objective of making fun music open-minded people enjoy listening to. They are not catering to elitists or snobs. They want to reach the broadest audience possible. Does that make them sellouts? If wanting people to enjoy your work is selling out, consider them guilty. Their influences are drawn from a wide spectrum of rock and dance music that spans decades. From modern electronica to new wave to disco and beyond, none of these styles are off-limits, but none burden their creativity by limiting their music to a certain genre. While their music is pop music by any standard, they have succeeded in creating a sound and style that is uniquely theirs. Take a listen and see for yourself.
    Additional Comments: Pop Rock, Rock, Disco
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