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Music Style:
    Band: Yes
    Price Range: Unknown
    Environment: Bathed in Blood is a black, death, thrash band from Niagara Falls. The idea came about to make a band one late night at Tim Hortons. Over a few coffee's and a few joints we came up with the name Bathed In Blood. All that was left was the music. First time we played together we went through as many Cradle, Pantera, or whatever covers we could think of. Many practicies and many nights of pot smoking and beer drinking, we came up with 9 songs. After we put together said 9 songs, we decided to record 7. In hopes that in this shit hole of a city, there just might be a singer out there for us that will stumble upon this page and like what he/she hears. So now that we have aquired said singer, we are prepared and willing to decimate all who stand before us. We will poison your minds with our views of agonizing torture and pain. We will make your bodies quake in fear of the non, non, non, non, non, non, NON-heinous ideas of life and what we think of it. Thats what makes us who, or what (Joe)we are. Bathed in Blood is simply here to show people our insights and outlooks on life as we think of it. Hail Satan
    Additional Comments: Death Metal, Black Metal, Thrash/Speed Metal
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