April 2011 Newsletter

April is a time of transitional weather from the cold to the warm, and a sign that winter is officially in the rear-view mirror. While going to the bar is a year-round activity, the spring seems to wake up lots of people from their winter hibernation. If you are one of those repressed bar goers who has been locked indoors because of the blistery cold temps and winter storms it is time to get up, get out, and get rockin! has been hard at work this winter developing our site with new features and capabilities that we hope excite and motivate you to get to a drinking establishment in your city or town during this month. Besides providing users with essential information like addresses, phone numbesr, websites, etc., we now offer a much more interactive experience thanks to our bar owner tools (that we offer for FREE). Read all about it here.

A fully integrated profile will give users the ability to view and interact with multiple bars in their area and ultimately decide which bar best fits their particular needs on a given night.

  • Photos
  • Event Calendars
  • Live Web Cam Feeds
  • Featured Menu Items
  • Announcements (When bar is included in announcement system)

  • Write reviews
  • Check-in
  • Send To a Friend
  • Add To/Organize "Favorites"
  • "Like" on Facebook/Tweet to Twitter
  • Add your photos from the last time you went to that particular bar

So, if you feel like you have lost touch with the bar/club scene in your area, get back out there and mix it up at the local watering hole this month. Hopefully can help making the decision of "Where do I want to go tonight?" easier than ever.

Thank you for your time and please help us spread the word about so we can make bar-going better than ever in 2011!

Are bars in your area just showing vital information (name, address, phone)? That is because no one from that bar has "Claimed" their profile yet. This process is simple and FREE. Contact us with any questions about how to get started with photos, events, etc.

Check out and follow us on Twitter and Facebook to keep in the loop about featured events all month long.

by Trebor Roylat

Some announcements worth reading:

  • $5k Classic Satellite Tournament and Cash Prize Event - On 4/9/2011 @ McFaddens Ball Park at Citizens Bank Park Philadelphia PA, come out and win $$$. 1st Place: Bid / Entry into the Throwbags $5k Classic ( $120/team ) at Laurel Park, MD, November 11th-12th 2011 + 1 night free hotel stay ( $80 ) = $200 Value + cash prizes pay out of up to $300 day of this tournament. Total up to $500 in prizes...
  • Yo Philly: 'Flipadelphia' Flip Cup Tournament for Cancer @ Tavern on Broad - "Flipadelphia is the ultimate flip cup tournament event. Based on the ever popular 'Flipadelphia' episode from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia this event combines all the fun of competition, drinking games, great t-shirts and fund raising to fight cancer. This event is for ages 21 and up. We will not provide refunds to anyone that registers ahead of time but is not 21 or over...
  • Festa Parties Presents "Cover Your Bases Spring Pub Crawl" in Wrigleyville - Alright, Chicago, it's about time to rub some oil on that old glove and dust off your cleats - 'cuz "Cover Your Bases III" is here! Cover Your Bases (CYB) is Festa's Baseball-themed, Sticker-collecting Pub Crawl through Wrigleyville. If you love baseball, Chicago, and (most importantly) PUB CRAWLING, then you'll have a ball at CYB! Just like every Festa Parties event, CYB is more than just traveling from bar to bar. You'll be collecting *STICKERS* too! We give you a T-shirt with the positions on the baseball field and you collect a sticker at each bar to fully "Cover Your Bases"...

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What's New on

  • Check out a bar before you go by viewing it live on the web!! - Cherch Lounge in Fullerton, CA now has a LIVE WEB FEED available for you online viewing pleasure every Wednesday to Saturday.

    If you want one of these babies in your bar contact us today. Camera packages are available for as little as $50 a month with no setup or hidden fees.

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